The Twerking Supercar

21 April 2023

The Yangwang U9 is an Electric Supercar that Twerks, Jumps Off the Ground and can be driven with just three wheels.

The U9 is part of BYD’s new luxury vehicle brand Yangwang.

The Chinese car manufacturer BYD has just launched in the UK, but it’s significant in its home territory.

BYD unveiled the electric supercar at the Shanghai Motor Show under its new luxury vehicle brand Yangwang, pushing further into high-end models to build on its dominance in the mass-market segment.

The car, the U9, was one of the auto show’s most anticipated events.

BYD’s Chief Designer Wolfgang Egger said.’ It’s an artistic expression meant to interpret the energy and beauty only available in this exciting new era.’

As to performance, the U9 can accelerate from 0-60mph in just two seconds. It also has an advanced vehicle control system that allows it to be driven with just three wheels.

As to the three-wheel spectacle, it is not new, many years ago; when I worked for Citröen, many of their cars were fitted with hydropneumatic suspension and could carry out the same party trick, which was great PR but little else.

Whilst 0-60mph in 2 seconds is very impressive, I don’t know how important being able to jump and twerk is.

I guess this old hack may have missed the point.