Maslow’s Psychogenic Needs

21 April 2023

Cars have become so crucial in modern-day life that almost everyone relies on a car to transport themselves from place to place.

Cars, in that sense, have become a need for most people today, and if they weren’t around, they would significantly impact people’s lives in terms of transportation; we have become that reliant on these vehicles.

However, have you noticed that people don’t pick their cars to satisfy their underlying needs and wants, not because it’s a vehicle that gets you from A to B? Otherwise, we would all be driving the same cars.

Let me introduce Maslow and his Hierarchy of Needs.

His theory suggests that we need to satisfy lower-level needs before deciding to satisfy our higher needs.

It can help us to understand what may motivate us to buy a particular car by understanding Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs.

Maslow was a clinical psychologist who created a theory that identified five basic human needs, from low-level (biogenic) needs to higher-level (psychogenic) needs.

Therefore whatever need we feel we need to satisfy our motivation will be pushed towards fulfilling that need.

All too complicated for me; I will carry on looking at the pictures and dreaming.