The Safety Turtle

Aston Martin has been producing Vantage for 74 years; they launched their current style in 2018.

Earlier this year, Aston declared the latest iteration ‘Engineered for Real Drivers.’

For all of you F1 fans, you may recall that Max Verstappen referred to last year’s Aston Martin Vantage Safety Car as ‘Slow as a Turtle.’

Mr Verstappen complained that he had lost tyre temperature during a Safety Car phase.

Well, good news, Max. The new Vantage, engineered for real drivers, will alternate with the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series for the 2024 season.

2024 will be Bernd Maylander’s 25th season driving the Safety Car in Formula 1. He is an ex-Formula 3000 and Grand Tourer driver.

Back to Aston: Despite having a power increase of 153 hp, the Mercedes is still slightly faster. However, Aston has improved the aerodynamics of its turtle.

The Aston is fitted with several display screens on the passenger side, showing the positioning of cars on the track and recording lap times.

Aston also provided a DBX707 as a Medical and First Response vehicle, driven by Bruno Correia; the previous driver was Alan van der Merwe, who had been driving at Grand Prix since 2009.

Accompanying Bruno is FIA-approved Dr Ian Roberts.

The safety car is the unsung hero of every race, ‘keeping the drama alive and the drivers on their toes’.