The Most Influential F1 Teams

In my humble view, running any F1 Team is a magnificent achievement; it is a complex endeavour requiring financial resources, technical expertise, strategic planning, and operational excellence.

You must find and entice talented drivers, as well as manage financing, logistics, ever-changing regulations, risk management, and marketing.

It is difficult to determine the most influential teams in history, but a number stand out due to achievement, innovation and the culture that is Formula 1.

πŸ“ Brabham. The team was established by F1 driver Australian Jack Brabham, who introduced the rear engine configuration and won both driver and constructor championships.

πŸ“ Ferrari. It is the only team to have competed in every Formula 1 since its inception in 1950.

πŸ“ Lotus. Apart from their success, they developed the monocoque chassis and used ground-effect aerodynamics.

πŸ“ McLaren. The team has been around since the 60s and produced the likes of Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost.

πŸ“ Mercedes. In recent years, pre-Mr Verstappen, Mercedes dominated F1, using hybrid power and, until recently, superior aerodynamics.

πŸ“ Red Bull. We are all aware of their current standing in F1.

They brought energy and enthusiasm to F1, and their link with the young market associated with energy drinks created a whole new fanbase.

πŸ“ Tyrell. Remember the ‘six-wheeler’? Ken Tyrell’s team had great success with drivers ssuch as Jackie Stewart, Jodie Scheckter, and Martin Brundle.

πŸ“ Alpine. So French, even their engines smoke stylishly.

πŸ“ Haas. Proof that sometimes, even in F1, you have to start from scratch… over and over.