The Manual Vow

Behind closed doors, Aston Martin’s Q Customisation Department created a one-off supercar for an Aston Martin collector—the Victor.

The Victor creation was strongly influenced by the V8 Vantage 1977 and the Aston DBS V8 RHAM Le Mans car, known as The Muncher.

As to the modern influences, the naturally aspirated 7.3-litre V12 engine culled from the Aston Martin One-77, which produces 836bhp.

Additionally, technical input and emotion from the Valkyrie engineers is ever present in the Victor.
Aston took much of the interior from the Vulcan and modified it to ensure it was suitable for road use. The Vulcan is a two-door, two-seat, high-performance, lightweight track-only car launched in 2015.


The mechanical wizards and the owner decided upon a six-speed manual gearbox to finish this wonderment of automotive imagination.

Making it the most powerful manual Aston Martin ever built.

The latest manual iteration from Aston is the Valour which produces 705bhp.

In 2017, previous Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer vowed that the company would always sell cars with manual transmissions.

It will be interesting to see if that vow remains.