The Electric Amalgam

23 February 2023

What do Lucid and Aston Martin have in common? Well, it seems quite a lot.

Firstly, both are car manufacturers. Secondly, both want electric vehicles; thirdly, the Saudi Public Investment Fund has a significant shareholding in both.

Lawrence Stroll has made no secret of looking for a partner or partners to help build electric motor cars.

Rumours have involved Rivian, an American electric vehicle manufacturer and automotive technology company founded in 2009, although this has never been a serious contender, Mercedes-Benz, currently Aston’s technology partner; Mr Stroll has never been over-enthusiastic about that arrangement, and Lucid.

According to various sources, Aston Martin’s planned all-new EV line-up to see replacements for Vantage, DB11, DBS, and DBX will no longer use the Mercedes AMG 59X.

Given that the Suadi PIF has a significant interest in Aston Martin and Lucid, a marriage of convenience may be on the cards.


 But as you may recall, Chinese vehicle manufacturing giant Geely acquired a 7.6% stake in Aston Martin when the company raised £654 million, indicating that Geely may scoop up our beloved Aston Martin.

Who knows.? Let’s hope Mr Stroll does!