The Devil and the Bentley

Bentley and Ducati have joined forces and created the Ducati Diavel V4 motorbike.

At first, this would seem an odd marriage; however, both are part of the mighty VW Group.

But more than that, some bright spark in marketing has concluded that 50 Bentley owners would also like a Ducati.

This motorised velocipede ‘links performance, craftmanship and exclusivity rarely seen in the world of motorcycles.’

The Bentley Batur seems to have inspired this Ducati with a limited number of unique components, the most obvious being the forged wheels that mimic the Batur.

However, it does have a rider’s seat finished in Alcantara with an embroidered Bentley emblem. Wow!

I am still at a loss to understand what constitutes an association between a bike and a car.

To be fair, I haven’t seen the two-wheeled Bentley in the flesh so that I may be pleasantly surprised.

The Ducati is fitted with a 1,158 cc V4 Granturismo engine producing 168bhp, about a quarter of what the Batur makes.

After reading this, should you be rushing to leave for the showroom, remember only 50 are reserved for existing Bentley clients and 500 for the lesser mortals worldwide.

If you are one of the Bentley Boys, Mulliner will customise the ‘Duke’ for you and even a helmet and technical jacket to match.

Oh, the opening reference to the Devil; Diavel means devil in Italian Bolognese dialect.