Roheen and the Lizard

Weismann GmbH was a German car manufacturer started in 1988 by Martin and Friedhelm, the brothers Weismann.

Originally, they built hardtops for other marques before deciding to build their own motor cars.

In 1993, the first Weismann MF3 Roadster was introduced to the world.

Weismann built 1,600 cars, all receiving wide acclaim.

Journalists said that success was due to an amalgam of German engineering and the classic British style and elegance.

Unfortunately, in 2014, Weismann was made bankrupt and subsequently acquired by Contec Global, an international technology company owned by the Berry family.

As you may know, the Weismann logo is a Gecko.

Weismann built a factory in Dülmen, Germany, modelled on the Weismann logo, the Gecko, and has become a local landmark.

Following the closure of Weismann, Roheen Berry, a London-based investor, purchased the factory under the direction of Contec Global.

Under the auspices of Contec, a new Weismann is promised, the All-new Weissmann ‘Project Thunderball’.

‘This is the culmination of a dream, the result of years of design excellence and engineering brilliance. I truly believe we’ve made not just the world’s most exciting electric sports car, but a car so unique that it will appreciate over its lifetime.’ 

Roheen Berry, Owner, Wiesmann