The Democratised Supercar

Lee Rosario is an Orlando-based designer who created the striking H6 Julietta hypercar concept.

However, he has proposed an ‘Open-Source Car Building’ approach over and above his design.

This means that Lee would make the basic 3D printable CAD design files for the car’s body freely available to anyone.

Thereby allowing individuals to build their customised version of the Julietta.

The idea is to democratise supercar building, making it accessible beyond just the ultra-wealthy.

With the open-source files, builders could freely customise aspects like the engine, suspension, and interior layout within the provided body design.

Users could take pride in sharing and comparing their unique builds, fostering a community of ‘DIY’ car enthusiasts.

The designer, Lee Rosario, believes this open approach celebrates individuality and caters to the resources available to each aspiring builder.

Embodying the notion that ‘a car can and should belong to everyone.’

Plans are afoot to build the Julietta H6, albeit in very limited numbers—probably no more than seven.

It will use a Tesla platform with a fully electric power source.

An experimental ‘Unit-100’ is to be built as a testbed for autonomous driving.

In summary, a production run is planned.

However, the idea is to allow amateur car designers to build their H6 using the CAD files provided by Lee.

One follower quipped, ‘If you ever wondered what happens when you give a designer unlimited Red Bull and no constraints, the Julietta H6 is your answer.’

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