The Czech Secret Weapon

The Tatra T87 is a fascinating vehicle, designed in the 30s by Czech car maker Tatra.

At the time, the aerodynamic design was revolutionary under the guidance of their chief designer, Hans Ledwinka.

The T87 was rear-engined, with sleek bodywork and a very low drag coefficient of 0.36.

The T87 was fitted with an air-cooled, overhead-valve 2.9-liter V8 engine producing 85 hp, which, with the added aerodynamic benefits, contributed to its performance.

The T87 was capable of 100 mph and had an excellent fuel economy—the rear air-cooled engine over a very sophisticated independent rear suspension.

The interior was luxurious, with adjustable seats, lighting, heating, high-quality leather, wood trim, and chrome.

Historical records indicate that the high-ranking Nazis officers thought it was the car of the future and, therefore, ‘needed’ to have one.

However, the car displayed the most unusual physical properties in inexperienced hands.

The car applies and lifts off oversteer, making the motor car somewhat challenging to handle.

The Tatra 77a and 87 unintentionally became a killing machine.

Further historical records confirm that more Nazi officers got killed in Czech cars than in actual combat.

With the result – the German Army eventually banned the Secret Weapon.