Sports Car Company or Racing Team

25 February 2022

Ferrari is an Italian sports car company and Formula One racing team. The two sides of the business are linked; you cannot have one without the other because founder Enzo Ferrari started building road cars as a means to fund his racing team.

What is the most exotic car in the world? That would be a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO by Scaglietti, sold by RM Sotheby’s in 2018 for £35,650,000, including buyer’s fee. The car, an early build, was the third of 36 and is considered one of the most original surviving GTOs. More enticing is that it’s one of four upgraded by Scaglietti with Series II GTO/64 coachwork back in the day. And this one achieved 15 class, and overall racing wins from 1962 through 1965. Now consider this: the 250 GTO would be the last production Ferrari GT built purely for racing.

Building road cars may have started as a side hustle for Enzo Ferrari, but over the past 75 years, the company has produced hundreds of models, and some have become the most desirable cars in the world.

While this Ferrari 250 GTO is the most expensive one to be publicly sold, others have changed hands for a lot more.