So Sayeth Mate Rimac

08 September 2022

According to Mate Rimac, 0-60 in Under 1 Second is possible.

There are two limiting factors, the mechanical grip required. Currently, tyre technology is not sufficiently advanced, and secondly, the potential g-force to an unaccustomed driver.

To contextualise, Jay Leno driving a Tesla Plaid under absolutely perfectly prepared circumstances, achieved 60 mph in 1.99 seconds, and this was trumped by a Rimac Nevera, claiming 1.85 seconds.

A Bugatti Chiron takes 2.5 seconds.

Over and above the acceleration, there are numerous other considerations, like skill, comfort and safety.

With motor cars becoming quicker and potentially dangerous in the wrong hands, America in 2022 is already one of the deadliest years for American road users in the last 20 years.

Because of the fatal crashes involving high-performance cars, the Australian government has said that it intends to mandate special licences for, yet to be specified, vehicles over a certain level of performance; also, specialist training will be contractual.