She Did It

In November of 2021, I covered a story about a 65-year-old Coloradan and her team who intended to complete a 356-mile journey across Antarctica in a 1956 Porsche 356 sports car in early December.

The lady in question; Renee Brinkerhoff of Valkyrie Racing

The Porsche 365 A had previously competed in rallies on every other continent. The support converted it with skis, tracks and a crevasse bar for the trip to the polar region.

Despite many thinking, it was a crazy suicide mission, Brinkerhoff and her team completed the 356-mile journey by the middle of December 2021.

The Polar ordeal was not without many problems. Brinkerhoff and her navigator, adventurer Jason de Carteret, set out from their base on the Union Glacier on a 356-mile loop from Monday to Friday to complete.

The cold weather caused the four-cylinder car to run on just two cylinders part of the time, requiring long distances driven in second gear. The Porsche 356 had no interior heater; Valkyrie Racing reported that it was so cold at times that it even snowed inside the car.

The expedition, finalising with Antarctica, covered a multitude of extreme terrains completed over 22,000 miles.

This feat is a massive testament to an extraordinary lady, an extraordinary team and an extraordinary motor car.

The reason this remarkable lady undertook this monumental task was a way to raise money to donate to anti-child trafficking organisations.