Reversal of Fortune: F1 Salaries

The intense competition requires F1 drivers to always be in peak physical condition and to train extensively. 

With over a billion audience worldwide and growing, F1 drivers are always at the epicentre of attention.

Fortunes change, there is no certainty; Nick De Vries started his career in the 2023 Formula 1 season for AlphaTauri with a salary of $2,000,000

Over ten times more than George Russell had when he debuted in Williams in 2019; his salary was only $180,000.

Where are they now? Nick was sacked and George earns $8 million!

✺ Alexander Albon, Thailand, Williams Mercedes: $3,000,000
✺ Carlos Sainz, Spain,Ferrari: $12,000,000
✺ Charles Leclerc, Monaco, Ferrari: $25,000,000
✺ Daniel Ricciardo, Australia, AlphaTauri: $2,000,000
✺ Esteban Ocon, France, Alpine Renault: $6,000,000
✺ Fernando Alonso Spain, Aston Martin Aramco Mercedes: $5,000,000
✺ George Russell, Great Britain, Mercedes: $8,000,000
✺ Kevin Magnussen, Denmark, Haas Ferrari: $5,000,000
✺ Lance Stroll, Canada, Aston Martin Aramco Mercedes: $2,000,000
✺ Lando Norris, Great Britain, McLaren Mercedes: $20,000,000
✺ Lewis Hamilton, Great Britain, Mercedes: $35,000,000
✺ Max Verstappen, Netherlands, Red Bull: $55,000,000
✺ Nico Hulkenberg, Germany, Hass Ferrari: $2,000,000
✺ Logan Sargaent, USA, Williams Mercedes: $1,000,000
✺ Pierre Gasly, France, Alpine Renault: $5,000,000