No Bull

Bulls and bullfighting inspire a significant part of the Lamborghini model names.

Other things inspire a few models.

The Countach is a name said by men when they see a beautiful woman.

The Sesto Elemento is named after the materials from which it is made, namely, carbon and carbon fibre. It also translates to the sixth element.

At the Monterey Car Week, Lamborghini revealed its first fully electric car, the Lanzador.

Lanzador evidently means pitcher or bowler!

I understand beautiful woman and carbon, but bowler, really?

It is unlike Lamborghini, they seem reticent to divulge performance figures.

Maybe the significance is in the name, perhaps the speed of a cricket ball, may give a clue.

A cricket ball travels at 161km/h, whereas a shuttlecock travels at 493km/h; perhaps they will call the next model Del Volano?