Rambo’s Lambo

Because sometimes, you just need a V12-powered tank to pick up groceries.

When you think of ‘Lamborghini’, the image that certainly comes to mind is something shallow to the ground, with a fantastical design and deafening noise.

The Lamborghini LM 002 qualifies as a Lambo’ except for the ride height, which is far from shallow.

In 1986, the LM 002 was released to the world and designed as a military-ready SUV based on two previous designs, the LM 001 and the Cheetah.

Very similar, except the prototypes had a rear-mounted V8, and the LM 002 had a front-engined V12, with a choice of a 5.2 litre or 7.2 litre, with 444 or 730 hp, respectively.

The last LM 002 was produced in 1993, given the current market with Bentayga, Urus, Cullinan et al. and therefore well before its time.

Initially produced for the military; however, customer demand meant a change of market direction, the private market.

As a result, it became the must-have four-wheel-drive vehicle for celebrities and royals.

Among the ‘famous’ owners were Sylvester Stallone (thus the moniker Rambo’s Lambo), Mike Tyson, the Sultan of Brunei, and King Hassan II of Morocco.

The luxurious version appealed to the spoiled young sheikhs wishing to traverse the dunes to survey their oil fields.

The Lamborghini LM 002 SUV makes all other off-roaders feel inadequate.

The LM 002: Where Luxury meets Lunacy.