F1 Gossip

♖ Lewis Hamilton has received a boost ahead of the 2024 F1 season with the return of his former right-hand man, Marc Hynes.

♖ Andretti Global is continuing its preparations to join the Formula 1 grid.

♖ James Vowles, now Williams’s team principal and ex-right-hand man for Toto, uses what he learned at Mercedes to push his new team forward.

♖ Laurent Mekies has replaced Franz Tost as team principal at the recently named Visa Cash App RB team (previously Alpha Tauri).

♖ Ferrari has signed premium Italian beer Peroni Nestro Azzurro 0.0%, previous sponsor to Aston Martin, to their sponsorship portfolio.

♖ It’s suggested that the best scenario for Alpine heading into 2025 is to retain only one of their drivers. Will it be Gasly or Ocon?

♖ Lewis Hamilton plans to spend at least two more seasons with Mercedes, having signed a contract until 2025, but Toto Wolff knows he will eventually have to replace him.

♖ Ferrari announced a new Formula 1 contract with Charles Leclerc; the absence of any mention of Carlos Sainz’s future is curious.

♖ Andretti Global and Cadillac are already developing an F1 car despite being approved.

♖ Jenson Button is returning to an entire season of racing in the World Endurance Championship.

♖ Ferrari has announced they are entering world sailing competitions.

♖ Tim Goss has resigned from the FIA, following Steve Nielsen and Deborah Mayer.

♖ There are now three US F1 races on the calendar, but there could be one more: the Chicago Grand Prix.

♖ Lewis is looking to end two years of winless F1 results.

♖ Oscar Piastri is tipped to be a threat to Max Verstappen.

♖ Lando Norris has signed a long-term deal with McLaren.

📍 New Flash: F1 rejects Andretti Global’s bid to join by 2026, but door left open for 2028