Pure-blooded Art

09 June 2023

As readers know, I blither on, ‘Cars are not just a means of Transport, but Cultural Artifacts. Objects of Desire, Icons of Design and Works of Art.’

If there was one man who personified the above, it was Ettore Bugatti and his cars winning races. They are recognised internationally as works of art.

With cutting-edge sports cars, Ettore Bugatti established the Bugatti brand’s relentless quest for perfection through innovation.

That ethos endures to this day.

Ettore was among the first to employ racing as a platform to demonstrate the true greatness of his cars.

Bugatti is associated with motor cars, but his design talent for engine components, machine tools, and aeroplanes, boats, and railway carriages probably needs to be better known.

All with the trademark Bugatti flare.

Picasso described Bugatti’s famous square-cut aluminium engine as ‘the most beautiful man-made object’.

The man was an artistic genius with nearly 1,000 design patents in his name.

A lover of all things equine, he liked to refer to his creations as Pur Sang, or pure-blooded, and who can argue with that?