Pambuffetti and the Removable Steering Wheel

01 April 2022

The Pambuffetti PJ-01, a hand-crafted hypercar, made its debut at the Milano Monza Motor Show 2021, born after three years of studies from the passion of Marco Sforna and Juri Pambuffetti. The car’s design offers driver performance close to a single-seater with open wheels.

After three years of development, the Pambuffetti PJ-01 is ready to compete with the most famous supercars. Beautiful in appearance but with racing DNA, the Pambuffetti PJ-01 features an 820 hp V10 5.2 engine, allowing it to sprint from 0 to 62 mph in less than 3 seconds, and its top speed is 199 mph.

The PJ-01 construction is hybrid mild steel and carbon fibre frame; it is a limited edition exotic sports car with only 25 built.

The Pambuffetti PJ-01 is strongly inspired by racing and has Traction Control and ABS adjustable in 12 stages.

It has a fully programmable fly by wire throttle, a 6-speed electro-actuated gearbox, racing disc brakes with OZ Superforgiata Rims.

The steering wheel can be removed with a quick-release system. From which all the performance characteristics are managed, like that of the F1 cars.

Juri Pambuffetti’s dream. ‘The first HyperCar with a setup inspired by the current Formula 1, made to provide the same sensations on the track and the road.’

‘Beautiful on the outside and truly surprising within; this is an extremely high-performance car, designed and built for the pure pleasure of the driver.’ That driver is Juri Pambuffetti, the inventor who envisioned it for a long time and is now living the dream of achieving it.