An electric shock from an Aston Martin’s door handle

01 April 2022

If you want to turn your Aston Martin into a mobile safe room, AddArmor is the people for you, headed up by Pete Blaber, former US Special Mission Unit Commander. AddArmor specialises in armouring a vehicle to a B4-B6 level of protection that can withstand hand grenades and 12-pound landmines.

In the case of the Aston Martin Vantage, using a Ballistic Glass can protect against a .44 magnum, .357 magnum, and 9mm parabellum.

Excess weight is under control by using Ballistic Glass (an amalgam of glass and polycarbonate) and 450 pounds of Kevlar.

The protection also comes from blast-resistant hardened steel protecting the roof and fuel tank, and composite materials guard the firewall.

As an added protection, AddArmor adds run-flat tyres, covers over the exhaust tips to prevent an antagonist from putting a foreign object into the pipes. The company also revises the suspension to compensate for the added weight from all protective equipment.

Using advanced composite armour is 60% lighter and ten times stronger than conventional ballistic steel. The lighter weight retains better handling and braking.

And just for good measure, should an attacker try to open one of the car doors, they will get an electric shock from the door handles!