No Credit for Peter

Peter Monteverdi was a Swiss Ferrari dealer based in Binningen.

Monteverdi’s dealership was one of the few exclusive Ferrari dealerships in Switzerland.

As part of his dealership operations, Monteverdi sought to expand his business and requested credit from Enzo Ferrari to facilitate this growth.

Enzo Ferrari refused to extend the credit requested to Monteverdi; in fact, he insisted Peter purchase 100 cars with the payment ‘up front.’

This response from il Commendatore had the opposite effect than expected.

Peter decided to use his experience selling Ferraris and other high-performance luxury motorcars.

Much to the chagrin of il Commendatore, he founded Monteverdi Automobiles.

His inspiration and eventual creation were to build motor cars with Swiss Precision, American Muscle and Italian Design.

His first luxury motor car, the Monteverdi High-Speed 375S, was introduced in 1967.

The market Monteverdi earmarked was the wealthy owner who appreciated performance and refinement.

In 1976, and way ahead of the current demand for luxury Chelsea Tractors, Peter launched the Monteverdi Safari, not dissimilar to the first Range Rovers.

The Safari was a notable success, with total sales of some 2,700.

A man of many talents in the late 50s, he produced Formula 1 cars under the banner of Monteverdi Binningen Motors.

He also ran his Formula 1 team for the 1990 and 1991 seasons.

Regrettably, even the wealthy buyers of Monteverdi were affected by the oil crisis, which resulted in a problematic global economy.

Unfortunately, the end for Monteverdi was inevitable.

Monteverdi is reminiscent of the golden age of jet-set lifestyle.

The Monteverdi High Speed 375/4 boasted a leather interior, electric windows, air conditioning, a bar, and a Sony TV.

Monteverdi’s motorised glamour was only built in small numbers, thus ensuring its exclusivity and enduring appeal among collectors.

‘Monteverdi’s cars were the Swiss watches of the automotive world – precise, luxurious, and unrestrained.’

ps. Peter was not the only man to foul of il Commendatore and start a new sports car brand. Remember Ferruccio Lamborghini?