Mr Hoffman and the Mob

29 June 2023

Several months after WWII ended, Mr Hoffmann dropped an ‘n’ from his name, invested his successful fashion business profits into the Hoffman Motor Company, and located his showroom in the prestigious New York’s Park Avenue.

Mr Hoffman had a dream; he wanted to bring Europe to the States, more specifically, European motor cars.

He represented Jaguar, Volkswagen, Fiat, Lancia, BMW, Alfa Spider, Mercedes-Benz and in particular, the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing.

Not satisfied, he met with Ferdinand Porsche, who agreed to let Mr Hoffman import Porsche into America; Ferdinand said he would be delighted if Max could sell five cars in a year.

Max replied that he would expect to sell five per week. Ferdinand quelled Max’s enthusiasm and agreed to 15 cars per year.

Due to Max’s significant influence on the American car market, he felt highly disappointed with the various European manufacturers who felt his influence was no longer vital since they were all experiencing massive success in America.

Mr Hoffman was, understandably, livid and issued numerous lawsuits against the treacherous Europeans.

It is rumoured that Max resorted to intimidating senior management with a Mob Hit.