F1 and Football. Strange Bedfellows?

29 June 2023

Hollywood actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, the unlikely owners of the Wrexham Associated Football Club, have catapulted the oldest football club in Wales to a global audience.

The little Welsh club, via their TV docuseries, ‘Welcome to Wrexham’ seems to have struck a chord with a North American market.

And if that was unlikely, the motion picture duo have now invested in the Alpine F1 team, much to the horror of Eddie Jordan, who thinks the whole thing is preposterous and ridiculous.

Interestingly, Reynolds and McElhenney have partnered with Otro Capital and RedBird Capital Partners in buying 24% interest in Alpine.

Perhaps the association between Football and F1 isn’t as odd as it first seems.

RedBird Capital Partners is an investor in Fenway Sports Group, the owner of the Premier Liverpool FC. RedBird also has a controlling interest in the French football club Toulouse and bought AC Milan in August 2022.