Most Miles Enzo

18 March 2022

This is a story of an MM Enzo and a Mr Richard Losee.

Richard Losee purchased a Ferrari Enzo in 2003 and decided to drive the Enzo relentlessly, unlike the majority. Supposing you can call 493 motor cars a majority. Losee chose not to keep it stored in a centrally heated cocoon.

He loaned the Enzo to the American motoring magazine, Road & Track, who obliged. They were responsible for the first 1,500 miles and a further 10,000 miles when they had it on loan as a long term test car; I digress, with the aid of Road & Track and his endeavours, the speedometer was soon recording 30,000 miles.

In 2008, Mr Losee entered the Utah Highway Patrol’s Fast Pass Charity event. At some point, things went awry; Losee and the Enzo left the road at 206mph, the car was a ‘write-off’ and Losee was incapacitated for a year.

Unbelievably, Losee had the car completely restored fitted with a twin-turbo engine producing 800bhp.

Losee then decided he would try for the land speed record on the Bonneville Salt Flats. In October 2010, Losee achieved his goal with a 237.1 mph qualified run.

Subsequently, Losee had a new set of cut-down doors producing the first and only Enzo with a removable roof.

The car is now on loan to a well known Instagrammer, who reports the car has now completed over 90,000 miles.

I can only guess what Mr Enzo Ferrari would think about this achievement.