A Water Powered Matador

18 March 2022

The MH2 Matador is the first Slovak hydrogen car resulting from a collaboration between the academic and private home sectors. It was created jointly by TUKE – Košice Mechanical Engineering University and the Matador Group.

The Matador Group has been active in the automotive sector for over a century. The hydrogen concept for the MH2 car is a vehicle for progress and new horizons and shows the innovative potential of Slovakia.

The Matador will be fully hydrogen-powered, meaning if you burn hydrogen gas, the by-product is water. The wheels contain electric motors that supplement hydrogen technology.

Hydrogen propulsion and unique technology developed by the Slovak University TUKE drives the MH2. The main advantage of using hydrogen in transport is zero emissions during combustion in the fuel cell.

The MH2 Sport Concept is a unique functional design that achieves a drag coefficient below 0.2, extending the range of the car itself. The car gets 62 mph in 4 seconds and has a top speed of 155mph.

Although not quite Supercar status, nonetheless, imposing for a water-powered motor car.