McLaren and the House of Bolkiah

On 28 May 1992, at The Sporting Club in Monaco, the McLaren F1 was unveiled.

The McLaren F1 is now considered the first Hypercar.

McLaren built this wonderful piece of motoring legend between 1992 and 1998. In total, McLaren produced. 106 cars

Paul Porsche, head of the BMW M Division, produced the engine.

A V12, 6.1 litre naturally aspirated engine producing 627hp, exceeding 60mph in 3.2 seconds and reaching a top speed of 240mph, remember, this was in the 90s.

In March 1998, the McLaren F1, having travelled at 240mph, set the world speed record for a production car.

The car is famed for its performance and three-seat configuration with the driver centrally mounted. It also was the first road-going car with a complete carbon-fibre body.

Six cars are recorded as destroyed, leaving 100 accountable for.

UK:40. US:30. Bahrain:7. Brunei:7. Germany: 4. Switzerland: 4. Japan:4. Mexico: 2. NZ: 2. Hong Kong:2. Australia: 1.

It is interesting that aside from the UK and US accounting for the majority, which is not surprising, it’s the 7 in Brunei.

The Kingdom of Brunei, or more specifically, The House of Bolkiah, the Brunei Royal family is home to seven McLaren F1, three road-going and four racing versions.

Meaning they are the single largest same-owner collection in the world.