King Vittorio and Il Commendatore

The Alfa Corse factory racing team was formed in 1939; up until that time, Scuderia Ferrari was Alfa’s official race team.

This change offended Enzo Ferrari despite being offered the position of Sporting Director; suffice it to say, the disgruntled Enzo made a theatrical exit.

Enzo encouraged a band of talented people from Fiat and Alfa Romeo to join him in his new venture, Auto Avio Costruzioni.

Mr F’ manufactured parts for cars and planes but also built a racing car using a Fiat engine, the AAC Tipo 815; many think this was the first Ferrari.

However, in 1947, after Ferrari had moved to Maranello, incidentally, it is still the HQ, where Ferrari built the 125 S the first car to bear the Ferrari name.

A 1.5-litre V12 engine powered the Ferrari 125 S. This engine configuration became synonymous with Ferrari.

The 125 S made its racing debut on May 11, 1947, at the Piacenza Circuit, driven by Franco Cortese, a racing driver Enzo respected.

Remarkably, Franco and the 125 S won the race, a first for Ferrari.

The Ferrari 125 S is a significant milestone in the history of Ferrari but also a testament to Enzo Ferrari’s vision and passion for creating exceptional performance cars.

Il Commendatore had entered the world of racing and history-making.

Ferrari has competed in every Formula 1 Grand Prix since its inception in 1950.

As to the name, Il Commendatore was bestowed upon Enzo for his racing talent by the Italian King Vittorio Emmanuel.

Enzo, the Dream Seller.