F1 Gossip

Bahrain Grand Prix

Date: Saturday 02 March 2024

Track: Bahrain International Circuit

‘Uncertainty is the only certainty in Formula One.’

With the pre-season finished, we now have the start of the F1 season.

The thrills, spills and gossip begin.

♖ Christian Horner is cleared of inappropriate behaviour towards a female colleague.

♖ George Russell saw potential F1 driver names on Toto Wolff’s phone.

♖ Ferrari has taken a new approach toward its 2024 F1 car, focusing on drivability.

♖ Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc comment favourably upon the improvement in the Ferrari’s balance compared to last year’s car.

♖ Questions over Mercedes’ unusual front wing design have been raised.

♖ Gunther Steiner Swaps Pit Box for Commentary Box In 2024.

♖ A promising race simulation run of Sainz suggested Ferrari’s tyre degradation was much better than last year.

♖ Toto Wolff is in no rush to decide on Lewis Hamilton as the successor.

♖ Daniel Ricciardo is doing nothing to dispel the rumours that he is actively aiming for a return to Red Bull’s premier Formula 1 team in 2025.

♖ Seven-time world champion Hamilton argues that it’s always been his childhood dream to race in Red.

♖ Mika Salo suspects that more bombshell news might still be brewing with Hamilton.

♖ Aston Martin has introduced an upgraded Safety Car for the 2024 season, the new Vantage model.

♖ Max Verstappen criticised the older Safety Car pace.

♖ Toto Rules Out Rosberg and Vettel.

♖ You can’t compare Sainz with Hamilton head-to-head, as they have yet to drive the same car.

♖ The first Formula 1 races of the 2024 season will be on a Saturday in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, respecting Ramadan.