Guido and the JagZag

The Jaguar XK140 Zagato is a rare and unique car with an interesting history.

The Jaguar XK140 Zagato merges the British engineering prowess of Jaguar with the Italian design subtlety of Zagato.

The bodywork was much more contemporary in appearance; it was also lighter, using thinner aluminium panels and powered by a mildly tuned Jaguar 3.4 litre straight-six engine.

Its history: Playing card manufacturer Guido Modiano commissioned a Jaguar XK140 SE and promptly crashed it.

Guido was a personal friend of Mr Zagato, whom he approached to re-body the car.

Mr Zagato agreed, thinking that this could result in ongoing work from Jaguar.

So far, so good; Jaguar showed the finished car on its stand at the 1957 Paris Salon and the 1958 Geneva Motor Show.

The XK140 Zagato features a distinctive and aerodynamically enhanced body designed compared to the original XK140.

Notwithstanding the excitement it caused, Mr Jaguar he say No,

Jaguar may have created their own competition.

Much to Mr. Zagato’s disappointment.

The Jaguar XK140 Zagato is a remarkable and rare piece of automotive history.

Representing the fusion of British engineering with Italian design, making it a valuable and coveted collector’s item.

As to a name, maybe JagZag?