F1 Gossip

This F1 Gossip is the last of the current season gossip; throughout the winter, I will keep you updated with drivers, teams and the rumours that abound mid-season.

♖ Max Verstappen, Sergio Perez, and seven other F1 drivers were absent from the end-of-season drivers’ meal.

♖ Nico Rosberg explained: ‘The hidden agreement usually is that the world champion pays at the end of season drivers’ meal.’

♖ For the first time since 1952, an F1 was without the British national anthem played at the podium ceremony.

♖ Mercedes clinched second in the Constructors Championship ahead of Ferrari.

♖ McLaren’s Toyota connection looks to have hit a roadblock. McLaren announced that it will continue to be powered by Mercedes engines in Formula 1 until 2030.

♖ Max Verstappen alone scored more points than Lewis Hamilton and George Russell combined.

♖ Toto Wolff compared the Mercedes’ challenge of catching rivals Red Bull in 2024 to climbing Mount Everest.

♖ Two hundred eighty days since testing began in Bahrain.

♖ There are just over 90 days until testing in Bahrain starts the 2024 season.

♖ Damon Hill has expressed concern at Lewis Hamilton’s lack of optimism ahead of the 2024 season.

♖ Alonso challenges Verstappen to a dramatic off-season touring car race.

♖ Christian Horner has received further criticism regarding unprofessional remarks about Lewis Hamilton.

♖ Red Bull is facing a vast fee ahead of the 2024 season due largely to Verstappen’s 19 and 2023 wins.