Freddie Mercury’s Car Collection. Fit for a Queen

For some reason, I have never associated Freddie Mercury with motor cars; there is no real reason for this as most incredibly successful Rock Gods drive exoticars.

It transpires that Mr Mercury only passed a driving test later in his life, possibly explaining his penchant for limos.

Among the cars owned by Freddie, a Daimler Limousine DS420, a 1980’s Lincoln Town Car, a Studebaker, a 1986 Mercedes-Benz 420 SEL Luxury Saloon, considered as the sedan of choice for the Rich and Famous, a clique of which Freddie desperately wanted to be part. A Range Rover with the roof removed, a ‘Car To Be Seen In.’ When he bored of the convertible, he sold it to bandmate, drummer Roger Taylor.

But of all of his oddball fleet, a Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow, procured in 1974 by his publishing managers to ferry him around, was probably his true favourite. It was still in his possession until he died in 1991.