Ferrari’s F1 Lorry

Did you know Alfa Romeo produced a 3-tonne truck from 1937 – 1945?

You could choose between diesel, petrol and gas.

The Alfa Romeo 500 was considered to have an aerodynamic style, which Alfa refined over the few years of production.

The 500 was used by the military; the Royal Italian Army, as it crusaded in Russia, with an armoured version used in the Balkan campaign.

The military version was known as the 500 DR and was low-geared, allowing it to master gradients of 27%; it had a fuel range of 250 miles (even better than Tesla!).

In the late 30s, the 500 operated with the Italian Fire Department.

The 500 was the ideal race car transporter for Formula 1 racing teams.

The Alfa Romeo Grand Prix and Scuderia Ferrari teams utilised the Alfa Romeo 500.

Alfa was keen to point out that Ferrari used the early first-generation 500s, whereas they used the faster second-generation lorries.

Ensuring Alfa Romeo was quicker getting to the F1, even if not when racing in the F1.