Ferrari Roma

While pursuing perfection is an elusive goal, the Ferrari Roma is considered a near-perfect GT.

The vehicle is named after Italy’s capital, Rome; I am pretty surprised Ferrari hasn’t used the name previously.

Ferrari has used California, Portofino, Modena, Maranello and Monza but never the capital city; perhaps they have kept the best until now.

The Roma is an aesthetically designed coupé that mixes old-school charm with cutting-edge technology.

It is suitable for the daily driver and as sharp as a razor when the loud pedal is depressed.

Many modern high-performance motor cars feel like you are driving a video game, but not with the Roma; you experience the noise and sensations necessary to feel the car is an extension of you.

The performance is attributed to the 3.9-litre twin-turbocharged V8 that will propel you to 62mph in 3.4 seconds and hit a top speed very close to 200mph.

The interior is stylish; the driver and passenger are cocooned by a sweeping dashboard that flows into the doors.

The passenger gets their own screen showing options like the speed and revs, audio, and car settings.

An Australian motoring hack wrote, ‘There have been, over the years, many beautiful cars, and some of the best have burst forth from Italy. This new Roma, I would dare to argue, is quite possibly the most beautiful car anyone, anywhere, has ever made.’

The Roma is a fantastic piece of engineering; its duality makes it seductive.

It can cruise effortlessly over long distances and yet encourage you to drop down a gear to hear the intense scream of that Italian engine.