Ferrari 296 GTB

Fewer cylinders, more excitement

GTB means Gran Turismo Berlinetta.

The 296 GTB is presented as the first ‘real Ferrari with just six cylinders on it’, which is slightly misleading but technically correct.

Ferrari sold the previous V6 cars as Dino’s’—the same naming scheme applied to the 296, 2.900 cc and six cylinders.

The 296 has a V6 engine with twin turbos and an electric motor, a plug-in hybrid.

The 296 can be driven in electric mode for very short distances, thus complying with urban emission zones.

The 296 GTB 2.9 Litre Twin Turbo V6 Engine plus electrification generates a combined power of 840 Horsepower and 740 NM of torque.

This little beauty Ferrari can do 0 to 100kmph in just 2.9 seconds and a top speed of 205mph.

Ferrari has discovered the secret formula to make a hybrid V6 supercar true to its high-performance roots.

It is both gorgeous to admire and glorious to appreciate the assault to your senses and yet surprisingly easy to drive.

As to the noise, this is a mechanical orchestra, not an engine, a V6 designed to sound like a V12.

The magicians at Ferrari call this engine the ‘piccolo V12’ or the baby V12.

The Ferrari 296 GTB takes cues from the world-beating SF90 hypercar on a slightly smaller scale.

The Ferrari 296 GTB is a supercar with ‘just’ six cylinders.

It’s proof positive that less really can be more.