Ferrari Purosangue SUV or FUV?

Having denied any interest in the ever-important SUV market, in 2018, admitted a ‘change of heart’, announcing their take on the SUV market; enter the Ferrari Purosangue.

To the staunch Ferrari followers, the thought of the Prancing Horse spawning an SUV is a complete no-no, but look back 19 years when Porsche dared to introduce the Cayenne, the vehicle that secured Porsche future and hit the million sales mark in late 2020.

Ferrari, like Porsche, is exclusive, with their value coming not just from the cars they sell but the brand image that they have carefully curated. Interestingly, the Purosangue will not be an SUV but an FUV, Ferrari Utility Vehicle.

Not surprisingly, the Italian meaning of Purosangue is thoroughbred or pure-blood named in honour of a racehorse.

It is a racing certainty (excuse the pun) that this UV will drive and behave extraordinarily well and will not compromise the prancing horse badge on it.

Given the recent spy shots that are pretty different from images previously seen, it is a fair assumption that Ferrari are not far away from formally introducing the racehorse to the market in 2022

The general feeling is that the Purosangue will sport the naturally-aspirated 6.3-litre V12 engine as fitted to the outgoing GTC4 Lusso or the Scuderia’s 6.5 V12. Still, with the 2030 emissions deadline looming, there will almost certainly be a hybrid or electric variant offered.

There will almost certainly be some collateral damage,
potential clients for the Lamborghini Urus and Aston Martin DBX who will hold off their purchases until a much clearer