F1 Snippets

Belgium GP
Date: Sunday, August 27
Track: Circuit Zandvoort

✺ Sergio Perez explains ‘you’ll talk to me now’ radio exchange with Red Bull boss Christian Horner at F1 Belgian GP.

✺ Hamilton admits the 2024 contract talks’ emotional’.

✺ Perez said Hamilton was in such a hurry to pass me, and he just ruined my race.

✺ Fernando Alonso was frustrated after Lance Stroll disrupted his sprint shootout aspirations.

✺ Hamilton Discloses Resurgence of Bouncing in W14.

✺ Perez. ‘I don’t want to leave the podium until the end of the year.’

✺ McLaren admits to hard tyre mistake with Norris.

✺ Mercedes chief Toto Wolff has explained why he will never ‘divorce’ Lewis Hamilton.

✺ Alonso says Aston Martin corrected a few faults.

✺ George Russell’ replacement announced’ with Mercedes star to miss Mexican GP session.

✺ Court says Mazepin is free to return to Formula 1.

✺ Lewis Hamilton delivers an intriguing upgrade prediction after the summer break.