Elon’s Secret Team

One of the main concerns with EVs is the driving range between charges.

About ten years ago, Tesla created an algorithm to give very optimistic ‘range figures.

Additionally, they had a team that suppressed exaggerated claims of possible ‘between charges mileage achievements.

It is unclear whether Tesla still uses the algorithm, but recent technical reports suggest that Tesla cars fail to achieve their claimed mileage targets.

The supply of incorrect estimates was part of their advertising campaigns.

The volume of complaints became so great that Tesla decided to open a ‘support office’ tasked with ‘closing cases’ without solving or addressing the underlying complaints.

It is understood that a secret in-house “Diversion Team’ was employed to prevent customer complaints from becoming public.

‘Some employees celebrated cancelling service appointments by putting their phones on mute and striking a metal xylophone, triggering applause from co-workers who sometimes stood on desks’.

Neither Tesla nor Elon Musk, when questioned by Reuters, responded.

Tesla was fined $2.1 million for falsely publicised driving ranges earlier this year by South Korean regulators who found the cars delivered as little as half their advertised range in cold weather.