F1 Snippets

14 April 2023

✺ Lewis Hamilton’s ‘instinctive, unconscious speed has possibly left him’, says Damon Hill

✺ Single-lap Q3 planned as part of new sprint race format for Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

✺ Vasseur would be ‘frustrated’ if Leclerc were happy with the situation.

✺ Aston Martin targets Monaco for ‘magical’ Alonso win.

✺ Suspicions were raised over Lewis Hamilton’s mind games’ against George Russell.

✺ Toto Wolff says he has no “plan B ” if Lewis Hamilton does not sign a new contract with Mercedes beyond 2023.

✺ Alonso eyes new Aston Martin contract for 2025.

✺ Paramount+ Becomes Formula 1 Official Partner

✺ Petition to hand Hamilton eighth Title gains momentum.