F1 Snippets

16 February 2023

❖ Mercedes will add ‘double digits’ of horsepower to their engine for the F1 2023 season, according to reports.

❖ Ferrari gain at least one second with the F1 2023 car? The latest rumour emerges from Maranello.

❖ McLaren ‘not entirely happy’ with launch spec F1 2023 car

❖ Red Bull boss Christian Horner tips Aston Martin to emerge as surprise threat to top teams in F1 2023

❖ 2023 marks 60 years since Bruce McLaren founded McLaren. The name ‘MCL60’ is in honour of Bruce McLaren,

❖ Ben Sulayem limited to a ‘strategic’ role

❖ Cheating allegations return after Aston Martin launch.

❖ Lewis Hamilton is yet to sign a new contract at Mercedes.

❖ Aston Martin has revealed a ‘without compromise’ revamp for its 2023 Formula 1 car