Escape from Technology

Consumer interest in modern motor shows has been declining in recent years, resulting in several international motor shows being cancelled or downsized.

Interestingly, there is a growth in attendance numbers at this year’s Classic Car Show at the NEC, which I had the pleasure of attending.

It is the world’s largest gathering of classic vehicle clubs and has been running since 1984.

Visitors can explore the 3,000-car showcase, which also features auctions, dealers, and an AutoJumble.

I saw a happy punter proudly carrying a boot emblem for his ancient Armstrong Siddeley.

Why the increase in numbers?

Possibly, nostalgia, classic cars evoke a memory of a time when life was simpler and cars were more stylish and fun to drive.

Investment. Classic cars can be a good investment.

Conceivably, Lifestyle, owning a classic car can be a great way to enjoy a unique and
rewarding Lifestyle, reference, Goodwood Revival

I think it is an escape from technology. It is a way to escape the world of gigabytes and become more analogue, an experience that requires more hands-on from the driver.

It is unclear what the future holds for international motor shows, but there is a growing appetite for nostalgia.

Where the engines roar, and the nostalgia soar.

Any comments or individual points of view are always most welcome.