Environmental Snippets

06 October 2022

❖ To reduce its carbon footprint, BMW is trying something innovative if a bit distasteful: matte-finish paint made out of poop.

❖ Toyota’s CEO, Akio Toyoda, does not believe all-electric vehicles will be adopted as quickly as most think for various reasons. He thinks there will be ‘tremendous shortages’ of lithium and battery-grade nickel in the next five to 10 years

❖ France is offering the owners of old, exhaust-belching cars the opportunity to hand over their vehicles for scrap in return for a £2,500 grant to buy an electric bicycle.

❖ Ford Bronco Sport’s wiring-harness clips use plastics made from nylon fishing nets recovered from the Indian Ocean.

❖ Volvo derives its leather alternative, Nordico, from materials including recycled PET bottles and wine corks.

❖ Ford has partnered with McDonald’s to make use of its coffee suppliers’ discards, the husk of the coffee bran will get a new life in headlight housings and other parts.

❖ Britain’s millionth plug-in electric car registered, with 249,575 joining roads in 2022 alone.