Enjoying En Plein Air Driving

06 October 2022

The Ferrari One-Off, SP51, was designed for a longstanding Taiwan-based client who is also one of Ferrari’s leading collectors.

The SP51 sits on a Ferrari 812 GTS chassis allowing the wonderful Ferrari V12 to be front mounted and producing 789hp.

All Ferrari’s one-off masterpieces are created at the Ferrari’s Centro Stile in Maranello and headed up by the Sardinian-born Flavio Manzoni, who puts much attention on scale models that Ferrari’s expert model makers form. 

Input from the client is essential to create the final product before signing off.

A most striking feature of the SP51 is the total lack of roof, a true roadster if ever there was one. Providing an additional thrill to tease the senses derived from open-air driving.

Every creation that evolves from the Prancing Horse’s Styling Centre is unique, bespoke and truly inspirational. The design calls upon the past; the blue and white colour scheme from the renowned Ferrari 410 S of 1955 vintage as driven by Juan Manuel Fangio. The way the anti-roll safety hoop is reminiscent of the 1960s Ferrari Sports era.

No detail is too much for the Centro Stile. The pride and passion exude from every beautiful angle of the SP51; the car is finished in Rosso Passionale, a custom colour, and a three-layer paintwork especially created for the SP51.

Ferraris says, ‘It is a successful roadster take on Maranello’s first front-engined V12 spider in 50 years. Its bold styling captivates at first sight. However, it brilliantly retains the signature elegance of its inspiration, the 812 GTS, whilst pushing the boundaries by offering a new way of enjoying en plein air driving.’