Elon’s Optimism

With his usual verve and panache, Mr Musk announced a little under a year ago that the long-awaited Tesla Roadster would arrive within a year.

However, a more realistic completion estimate is the end of 2024, with deliveries starting in 2025.

Assuming that is achievable, the Roadster will be available seven years after its debut in November 2017.

Not that Elon is prone to exaggeration; God forbid, he says the new Roadster will be capable of one second to 60mph.

In 2019, Elon said, ‘The Roadster would be available with ten rocket thrusters that would dramatically improve acceleration, top speed, braking, and cornering’.

He went on to say, ‘The thrusters will even allow a Tesla to fly.’

In 2021, he expanded his aeronautical theories, explaining that the Roadster might be capable of hovering.

In February of this year, Mr Musk wrote, ‘Tonight, we radically increased the design goals for the new Tesla Roadster. There will never be another car like this if you could even call it a car.’

I have been accused of having an optimism that knows no bounds. But really…

He has previously teased us with human-like robots, putting humans on Mars by 2026, a Hyperloop transport system, and a Neuralink.

Nevertheless, credit where credit is due.

He is the only person who can tweet about going to Mars and still make it sound like a casual weekend getaway.