Dinner is on me, Guys

24 November 2022

Sebastian ‘The Finger’ Vettel is part of the furniture in Formula 1. But, following a racing career spanning 15 years and 299 races for Red Bull, Toro Rosso, Sauber, Ferrari and Aston Martin, the four-time champion has retired. 

After 15 years, the last two with a struggling Aston Martin team, Seb’ has retired and is relieved, although he still does not know what he will do next.

He said, ‘My concern for the environment is one of the factors that definitely played a role in my decision to retire.’

He has helped students in Austria build a bee hotel, collected rubbish from the grandstands at Silverstone after a British Grand Prix and visited a plant in Iceland that collects carbon dioxide from the air.

Vettel and Hamilton joined the F1 travelling circus in 2007 and have raced as fierce adversaries. Dominating the Grand Prix and responsible for 10 of the 11 titles between 201 and 2020.

Last week, all F1 drivers went out for dinner to celebrate Mr Vettel’s career; I understand that Lewis Hamilton picked up the bill, totalling £140,000.

Why was Seb’ known as ‘the Finger.’ He always gave a one-finger salute when he won a race, but the real reason, he had a significant accident, his front wheel came off, flew over the car and cut the top off his finger.

Goodbye, Seb’; thank you for the entertainment over the years, although Lewis thinks, like Alonso, he may return.