Composing His Third Symphony: The Pagani Utopia

Horacio Pagani instructed his team of engineers turned artists to meet three targets for the Pagani Utopia: simplicity, lightness, and the ultimate in driving pleasure.

Pagani Automobili has launched its third-generation hypercar, the Utopia, developed from the vast experience gleaned from its immediate predecessors, the Huayra R track car and Roadster BC.

‘More than four thousand stylistic drawings, ten scale models, one wind tunnel model, two 1:1 scale models and countless ideas’.

Pleasing the Gods of Speed

Christopher Pagani explains that the Utopia is a car that takes the driver back to a very analogue way of driving.

Pagani emphasises engagement and sensation without electrification, batteries, or hybrid.

Utopia’s optional manual gearbox reinforces this analogue sentiment.

The Utopia features a twin-turbo 6.0-litre V12 engine, producing 864 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and weighing just over 2,800 pounds.

It incorporates a newly developed carbon fibre weave, reducing weight and increasing stiffness by 38%.

The seats are artful sculptures with finely stitched leather.

The steering wheel and pedals are all milled from a single aluminium block.

The Utopia features butterfly doors, not gullwing.

The Utopia is Horacio Pagani’s Third Symphony

It was fitting, then, that Horacio Pagani wrote and played the opening notes to a classical composition played by the Symphony Orchestra of the Milan Conservatory at the Pagani Utopia’s live unveiling.

The Pagani Utopia is a Work of Art.

Pagani considers itself more an Atelier than a car maker.

Limited to only 99 units worldwide.

Exclusive motor cars aren’t just about the speed; they represent the privilege of a select few to own a masterpiece on wheels.