A Conversation with Thunder

The Brabham BT62 is an exceptional, track-focussed supercar.

Initially designed as a track-only car, a road-going version was introduced later.

Only 70 cars were scheduled for build, 35 of the original BT62 and 35 BT62R Celebration Series.

The BT62 is a mid-engine carbon monocoque racer powered by a 691-horsepower Ford 5.4-litre modular V8.

The beautiful engine is enveloped into a chassis weighing less than a Fiat 500.

The Brabham BT62 is brutal.

‘Working up the courage to keep the throttle wide open through a corner when your brain tells you to hit the brakes requires extreme trust.’

The BT62 made you believe in love at first sight, or more correctly, love at first rev.

Sadly, the Brabham BT62R is dead.

Brabham Automotive is no more, following a falling out with principal finance partner Fusion Capital.

The separation details are unclear, but it seems there was a difference of opinion over the ‘Strategic Direction’, whatever that means.

I understand that Fusion Capital was the majority shareholder and sole financier and, as such, may be able to retain the naming rights to Brabham Automotive.

‘Driving the Brabham BT62 was like conversing with thunder – it speaks V8, and the language is speed’.