A Coffee Gasifier

08 June 2023

They are not considered the most innovative marketing group, The Co-operative Food.

On 14 September 2011, the Coffee Mark 2 hit 66.5mph.

Four inventors, Martin Bacon, Philip Bacon, Colin Davison, and Ben Day Preston, built a coffee-driven motor vehicle from scrap parts for the Beeb’s ‘Bang Goes the Theory’.

The dynamic Co-op saw a marketing opportunity; following its 10-year association with Fairtrade and its own coffee, they decided to sponsor said inventors to go for the Guinness World Record.

When heated in a charcoal fire, coffee chaff pellets break down into carbon monoxide and hydrogen; heated oxides are released into the atmosphere, leaving the hydrogen to drive an engine.

Furthermore, over 10,000 Cars, Buses and Vans were run on gasification during World War II.

With all this talk about hydrogen as an alternative fuel, I might give Costa a call.