You know What’s his name. Part II

15 December 2022

Over the years, there has been an abundance of nicknames for many of the drivers. Some complimentary and some not.

By way of example, Red Bull driver Sergio Pérez known as Checo, and his other is the Mexican Minister of Defence; fans honoured the driver with the nickname after his unbelievable defending skills, especially against Lewis Hamilton in Abu Dhabi.

❖ Carlos Reutemann.  El Lole
❖ Eddie Irvine.  Irv the Swerve
❖ Emerson Fittipaldi.  Emmo
❖ Gerhard Berger.  Swearhard Berger
❖ Gilles Villeneuve.  The Aviator
❖Jack Brabham.  Black Jack
❖ Jenson Button.  JB
❖ John Surtees.  Il Grande John
❖ Mario Andretti.  Super Mario
❖ Mika Häkkinen.  The Flying Finn
❖ Mike Hailwood.  Mike the Bike
❖ Mike Hawthorn.  Le Papillon or The Butterfly
❖ Ronnie Peterson.  Superswede
❖ Sergio Pérez.  Checo
❖ Wolfgang von Tripps.  Taffy