This Lear Jet doesn’t require a Pilots Licence

03 June 2022

Enter the Limo-Jet, a unique mix of Lear Jet and a novelty 42′ long, 12′ high and 8′ wide stretched limousine and a mobile entertainment system.

The Limo-Jet was the brainchild of Dan Harris, the guitarist and the Canadian restaurant and entertainment entrepreneur, Frank DeAngelo.

The Limo-Jet doesn’t just look like a Lear Jet; it was made from one and took 40,000 man-hours to create. The work began transforming the Lear Jet into a Limo-Jet by creating a new steel skeleton frame and chassis, which was necessary because the aluminium Lear Jet fuselage was unsuitable for a limousine. So it had to have a steel frame engineered into it; that was a research, design and construction process.

The actual creation of the Limo-Jet would take an additional decade to arrive at completion, with the build managed by Chicago-based Exotic Coach.

The engine is a 400 hp 8.1 litre Chevrolet Vortec V8 truck engine. The drive-train and computer system are housed in the rear of the car. And benefits from racing suspension technology, 28′ Diablo rims and a specifically designed hydro-boosted braking system.

Cocooned in luxury and overhead technical gadgetry, the driver has four camera screens allowing the vision of all four corners.

For Harris and DeAngelo, the Limo-Jet was designed as a method of spectacular transportation and as a mobile entertainment centre. The nacelles that would typically hold the Learjet’s two turbofan engines instead house a pair of gigantic speakers; also fitted is a 42″ plasma screen and a Showtime Audio 17,000-watt audio-visual system.

The Limo-Jet is ‘street legal’ and is fitted with folding tail wings to help it be more manoeuvrable when driven on public roads.