The Wiesmann Project

21 May 2022

Thunderball Is A 671 HP Electric Roadster

Wiesmann GmbH is a German motor car manufacturer specialising in hand-built custom convertibles and coupes. The company was founded by brothers engineer Martin Wiesmann and businessman Friedhelm Wiesmann in 1988. In May 2014, the business was temporarily closed. In February 2016, Contec Global officially acquired Wiesmann GmbH; the acquisition was overseen by the company’s managing director, Roheen Berry, a keen car collector and motoring enthusiast.

A little bit of history; Weismann started as a low volume builder of retro-styled exclusive motor cars powered by BMW V6 or V8 machinery.

They are now producing a similar vehicle design but without the annexing of BMW. The new car will be an EV. Weismann has looked to affiliate with another German car manufacturer, Roding Automobile GmbH, a technological company and an elite manufacturer of an exclusive carbon lightweight sports car, the Roding Roadster.

The new car: Project Thunderball.

According to Roding, the battery has a capacity of 83 kWh, and it will take the Thunderball 310 miles on one charge. The Thunderball propels to 62mph in 2.9 seconds; the power of 671 hp is from two electric motors driving the rear wheels.

As to aesthetics, the Thunderball is definitely from the stable of Weismann, with that long bonnet and short rear; it is difficult to imagine there is no V8 under the bonnet, there but for the lack of exhausts. Who would guess?

Although the oversized Infotainment system, which I am sure has every electronic reporting aid, one could ask. The somewhat old-fashioned dash layout with a line of analogue gauges sculpted into the fascia and angled towards the driver, allowing complete involvement with this beautiful creation, is captivating.

The Thunderball is hand-built, and according to Weismann, a number of its original workforce have returned to be part of Project Weismann.

Weismann refers to the Thunderball as the ‘world’s first all-electric, rear-wheel-drive, convertible roadster.’

Roheen Berry announced, ‘This is the culmination of a dream, resulting from years of design excellence and engineering brilliance. I truly believe we’ve made the world’s most exciting electric supercar.’

Welcome back Weismann.